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We have been on songwriting hiatus and are now ready to record a bunch of new songs, featuring DK on drums. Wow, wait ’til you hear it!! We have some serious songs as well as some silly songs and they all make us happy. Just a few more to finish lyrics and arrangements.

Our only live appearances this summer are in Willitz on July 17 and at Cowapigloosa on July 18th.

Where to listen to us

Our Edge of Control EP was released on May 14, 2014. Andrew Freid recorded and produced these at a secret location. Edge of Control and our first EP Fire Bad!!, are available for sale on itunes, and for streaming on: spotify, rdio, amazon on demand, google play,  sound cloudReverbNationDeliRadio, Amazingtunes, MTV artists, iheart radio, emusic, rhapsody,deezer, VerveLife, simfy, nokia, xbox live zune, my space music, media net, mule, sony music unlimited, wimp, and all sorts of places on the web in the US and Europe. But let us know if there is any place we should be! If you listen to streaming radio, please select us as a station or ‘like us’ when we come up in the streams. Ask college radio stations to play us. We can’t do this without you. If you want to write a review, request a copy!

Our Bio

The Insufferables are an indie rock band in San Francisco. The original music of The Insufferables is evocative of 80’s giants R.E.M., X, and the B52s. They present jangle and crunch guitars, frequently in the same song, and unusually articulate vocals in the idiom of Lux interior or Standard Ridgway that convey our important messages of love, animal welfare and deviant sexual practice. The Insufferables coalesced in 2009 from a cloud of San Francico music geeks.

The lead singer, Keith Insufferable, is an unfrozen caveman story-teller and bartender who delivers a broad range of American vocal styles from Country to Blues to lounge to California punk, and really wants you to get it.

Carolyn Insufferable, formerly guitarist for the seminal punk bands The Profalactics and The Varve, plays punk rhythm guitar sometimes in the correct key and sings backups. She still loves the HooDoo Gurus.

Gene Insufferable, who formerly played classical guitar mostly for his cat, plays crisp arpeggios and leads for those jangle songs, and channels Johnny Thunders for the other songs.

Ram Fenster plays bass, rhythm guitar, and backup vocals.

Our new drummer, joining in 2015, is DK. DK has played in many San Francisco bands and venues and is making us rock harder. You’ll hear it soon.

Songwriting is usually started by one band member and usually finished collaboratively.

The Insufferables has a spin-off Cramps cover band.