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Our latest release “Argument Clinic” was recorded at Tiny Telephone Studio in San Francisco with producer Beau Sorenson (Bob Mould, Death Cab for Cutie, and others). We recorded on tape with minimal overdubs. The tracks have a live sound for that reason. The tracks were mixed in late January and mastered in March/April by Matthew J. Barnhart of Chicago Mastering.

“Argument Clinic” broke the top 30 on the college radio charts and had some considerable success in various areas with Kimberly, I Saw You, Cool Crazy, Octopus and Drunken Girlfriend. The album was rated #6 in Davis on KDVS.

AC_knives-flat-1200x1200We are thrilled with how the recordings sound. and can’t believe it’s us. Gene overdubbed his great-sounding acoustic guitar on F.B.I. and Charlie Brown. Carolyn did no guitar overdubs but added organ to The Thing (Beau’s idea) and used the studio’s plate reverb for backing vocals. Keith dubbed his voice an octave lower on Cool Crazy. Ram did a speaking part on Doorman’s Lament and we had a crowd in to sing on the end of Octopus. Anyhow, please check out the new tracks: best quality is on >>bandcamp.com.

We continue to gig, so please bring your friends out to check us out.

Where to listen to us

Listen to Argument Clinic (released July 31, 2018) on bandcamp. Edge of Control EP, released on May 14, 2014, was produced and recorded by Andrew Freid. We have airplay in the US, Canada, the UK and Germany. Thanks to Factory Fast Records for adding songs to three of their compilations (Happy Now, Cats Who Drive Cars, Swimming the Dark Backward).

Argument Clinic, Edge of Control and our first EP Fire Bad!!, are available for sale on Bandcampitunes, and for streaming on: youtube, spotify, amazon on demand, google play,  sound cloud, Amazingtunes, and other places on the web in the US and Europe. But let us know if there is any place we should be.

If you listen to streaming radio, please select us as a station or play us or ‘like us’ when we come up in the streams. Ask college radio stations to play us. We can’t do this without you. If you write a review, please send us a copy.


Fans describe the original music of San Francisco’s The Insufferables as a mash-up of The Pixies, The B52s, and The Doors. They present jangle and crunch guitars, and unusually articulate vocals. Songwriting is usually started by one of three band members and refined by the band.

ARGUMENT CLINIC, featuring twelve mighty songs written over a period of two years.
Singer/lyricist/bartender, Keith McNamara, is a natural storyteller with a distinctive voice and and an unhealthy obsession with cult horror films and low budget B-movies. Two of his songs reflect experiences as a bartender: “Doorman’s Lament”, and “Automatic Life”. Guitarist/songwriter Gene Michal, a professional biomedical engineer, who formerly played classical guitar for his cat, now plays leads and arpeggio fills. In addition, he contributed some acoustic guitar to two songs on the album. Carolyn Crampton, artist and formerly the guitarist for the all-girl punk bands The Profalactics (Colorado) and The Varve (Colorado/San Francisco), plays rhythm guitar in the spirit of Johnny Ramone. She also played slide guitar on “Doorman’s Lament” and organ on “The Thing”. Ram Fenster, a film buff, settles all our arguments, and plays bass, rhythm guitar, and sings backup. The band snapped up drummer, Kevin Anderson, when he moved to the Bay Area from Fresno. His childhood mentor and teacher was bad-ass jazz drummer Art Tyler, who played with the Righteous Brothers.

Four of The Insufferables have a popular spin-off Cramps cover band called The Cramp-ons.