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We found that we really like songwriting as individuals and as a band. Although many songs are started by one Insufferable, everyone collaborates, helping to arrange the new material, and adding their own parts. Or sometimes someone will write lyrics for someone else’s song. Generally each song has an ‘owner’ who oversees the development and makes final decisions (listed below).

ARGUMENT CLINIC, to be released soon. Recorded at Tiny Telephone produced by Beau Sorenson.

FBI — Carolyn/Gene, (Carolyn, lyrics) “When I move the cursor, I feel you by my side”, recorded, to be released, live recording on SoundCloud

I Saw You — Gene, (Carolyn, lyrics), recorded, to be released

Drunken Girlfriend — Gene (music/lyrics), recorded, to be released

Cool Crazy — Gene & band, (Keith, lyrics), recorded, to be released, live version on soundcloud

Charlie Brown — Gene (Carolyn, lyrics, Gene plays acoustic guitars), “Everyone has someone to live for”, recorded, to be released

Automatic Life — Gene & band, (Keith, lyrics) “If there was an app for wiping my butt, I’d probably use that too”, recorded, to be released, live recording on SoundCloud

Kimberly — Carolyn (music/lyrics), “Then you sort of glommed on to me”, recorded, to be released, live recording on SoundCloud, video on youtube

Doorman’s Lament — Gene/Carolyn, (Keith, lyrics) a bartender’s story, recorded, to be released, live recording on SoundCloud

All the Time in the World  — Gene/Carolyn, (Keith, lyrics), recorded, to be released, live recording on SoundCloud

The Thing — Carolyn (music/lyrics, Carolyn plays organ), “No matter what I did, I was never good enough”, recorded, to be released

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot (recorded, live version on Soundcloud)

Octopus — Gene & Carolyn, (Gene, story, Carolyn, lyrics) recorded, to be released, live recording on SoundCloud


‘SOUL SHAKER’ Dec 2014

‘CRY ON THE MOON’ Dec 2014


EDGE OF CONTROL, EP, released May 2014, 5 song

Dragon — “So you knocked over a few buildings, started a little fire…”, Carolyn & band (Carolyn, lyrics) (video from live track on youtube, Released on Edge of Control EP)

Happy now — Keith, lyrics (Gene, music) (Released on Edge of Control EP)

Fox News — “I saw it all on Fox News, so it must really be true”, Gene (Carolyn, lyrics) (video on youtube,  Released on Edge of Control EP)

Swimming the Dark Backward — Gene (Keith, lyrics) (Released on Edge of Control EP)

Beautiful, Wild & Free — “Walked to school on the sidewalks of the suburbs, maybe an inch worm across my path”, Carolyn (music/lyrics/lead vocal). (Released on Edge of Control EP)

FIRE BAD!!, EP, released June 2013, 4 song

Cats who drive cars — “Went to the pound back in the day, You were sittin’ in a cage drinking Chardonney”, Gene/Carolyn (Released on Fire Bad!!, live video on youtube)

Whiskey Dreams — “Well the trailer done exploded, the fireball for miles you could see”, Gene/Ram (Keith, lyrics) (Released on Fire Bad!!)

Mabel — “Pinch me with those alligator clips, Take me, to you Gaza strip”, Ram (Gene, lyrics) (Released on Fire Bad!!)

Lullaby — “I read a book about a man who lost his wife. He walked for miles and miles to look for her…”, Carolyn (music/lyrics) (Released on Fire Bad!!)

Mermaid — “I stood in the river, you swirled all around me”, Gene (Carolyn, lyrics) (recorded, but not released, live video on youtube)


Moody Song — Gene (music), Keith (lyrics)

Fast Emotional Spanish Song (Dream it up) — Gene (music), Carolyn (lyrics)

Devil’s Doorbell — Carolyn (music/lyrics)

White Bus — Carolyn (music/lyrics), “A bright young man designs the future for all of us”, live recording on SoundCloud.

45 Grave — Carolyn (music/lyrics), “I held him down, Didn’t hear him say he could not breathe”, live recording on SoundCloud

Bunny Cumbia — Gene (music/lyrics), on hold

Karl Ove Knausgard — Gene/Carolyn, on hold

Tom Jones — Gene, on hold

Always Open — Carolyn & band, at version #14. “I’ve got two months ’til my next holiday, got me 5 days off a year with pay”, not recorded, permanently on hold.

You can never tell — Carolyn (music/lyrics), “Maybe you’d remember, back a long time ago”) not recorded, never performed, on hold

Road Warrior Ice Cream Man — Gene & band (Keith, lyrics), video exists, demo track recorded.

There’s no time — Carolyn (music/lyrics) “Hugging and kissing and rocking and rolling”,  recorded, but not released

The Last Drive-in — Keith, lyrics (Gene, music), “Trying to get that g*dd*am bra strap off”,  recorded, but not released

Standing in the Field — Keith (Carolyn, music), performed live

Brave New World — Gene, (music/lyrics) “Might just take up farming and foraging in empty lots”, features Ram on tablas, performed live


We had a mini-set of Cramps covers but we started a band called The Cramp-ons to play them with three of The Insufferables.

Teenage Werewolf (recorded but not released)

– – – – – – – – – –


Love Shack by B52’s

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot (recorded, live version on Soundcloud)

Tell me when it’s over by Dream Syndicate (recorded, not released)

Rocking in the Free World by Neil Young (recorded, not released)

I’m not like Everybody Else by Ray Davies (recorded live at the Stork Club)

Speaking in Tongues

Rockaway Beach  The Ramones

Fourth of July by X

Trash by the New York Dolls

Losing my religion by REM

The Passenger by Iggy

Andy’s Chest by Lou Reed

Long Live Rock by The Who

Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World

The Letter by the Box Tops

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

The Funeral by Band of Horses

lots of Cramps songs

and there were many others in the beginning…