The Insufferables YouTube channel:

I Saw You

The love story in the lyrics was inspired by the Women’s March.


Using a live track recorded at the Stork Club, also using public domain footage from a 1944 film directed by William (one take) Beaudine called Voodoo Man.


Video for Dragon using stock footage available here:

Fox News

Video for Fox News by filming TV shows and cutting it together. No copyright violation was intended, it was just for fun. Check it out at

Live videos

Fans have shot live performances of us, but we prefer this live webcast video shoot on December 19, 2013. We rendered out two songs: Cats who drive cars. Watch it here:

Also live, here’s a version of Mermaid which is the only recorded version available:


We are hard at work on a couple of videos right now. Keith who has a film, video, projectionist, and cinematography background, directed a wild video shoot for his song Happy Now at the famous San Francisco bar, The Attik. Soon after, the bar closed its doors for good, so it will be nice to have a record of this cool and historic pre-tech explosion location. Video features all the regulars. No telling when it will see the light of day.